HUELLA: 2nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry DE LA MANO II [English]


We are inviting creators of any area working in the field of jewelry anywhere in the world, to send us their proposals for the Second International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry DE LA MANO. The exhibition will travel through three exhibition rooms in Colombia: the Juan del Corral Museum in the city of Santa Fe de Antioquia (Antioquia) in the month of July 2018, within the framework of the Latin American Contemporary Jewelry Symposium EN CONSTRUCTION III, then in the MAJA Museum in Jericó (Antioquia) between September 4 and 30, 2018 and finally in the Galería de Arte Portable (Bogotá) in the month of November.


A trace is a presence but also an absence. It is an imprint, a gesture, a remnant; an indication of a contact that already was.

As humans we are constantly interacting with ordinary reality, extracting meaning and transforming it into the world we inhabit.Then that world is not only a creative input but also the trace of our presence, the imprint of the processes we carry out to transform it, the imprint that our bodies and our ideas make on it, reflections of the mirror of our minds: our hands.

Things are what we see but also what we do not see, which already passed shaping; the present materializes as the imprint of the past, the imprint exists because there is another entity that gives it shape.

We propose the reflection on THE IMPRINT/TRACE in the material and immaterial production related to Jewelry, as the argument that will give coherence to the DeLaMano exhibition in 2018.


The Colombian collective De La Mano organized in 2015 the first edition of DE LA MANO Muestra, at the Naranjo Velilla Gallery in the City of Medellín and at the portable Art Gallery of the City of Bogotá, in which we have the presence of artists national and international as:

Adriana Díaz, Alejandra Ferrer, Alejandra Ruiz, Angela Rojo, Steffi Götze, Polina Dimitrova, Andrés Caro, Ana Maria Jimenez, Noha Nicolescu, Jorge Manilla, Debora Tseng, Juan Luis Mesa, Isabel Trujillo, Alina Lopez, Paula Estrada, Linda Sánchez, Tatiana Apráez, Simón Mazuera, Daniel Matiz, Catalina Patiño, Paula Vélez, Jessica Morillo, Leia Zumbro, Paola Pérez, Helena Aguilar, Maria Constanza Ochoa, Virginia Escobar, Titi Berrio, Lucas Restrepo, Victor Saldarriaga, Paula Velez, Sergio Fernandez, Eleonora Varini.



  1. Are allowed to participate all adult persons (over 18 years) or collectives from any nationality.

(Applying as a collective: a) the participants must apply with the name of the collective only (an unique name to be included in the catalog); b) the participants will appoint a representative of the collective; c) The application form, biography / CV and / or portfolio should refer only to the collective.)

  1. For this exhibition; pieces created between the 2016-2018 period will be received.

Besides jewelry, other artistic pieces (installations, video-installations and performance) directly related to the craft of jewelry will be accepted. It is important to clarify that due to the mentioned itinerary of the exhibit, edible, live or degradable pieces will not be accepted.

  1. Each participant may participate with a maximum of two pieces (eg: two pieces of jewelry or 1jewel+other artisitic format).

-JEWELRY: For each piece you must send 2 to 5 pictures at different angles.

The images must be in jpeg format, white background and with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, with CMYK color mode. Each image must have a minimum size of 180 x 240 mm or a maximum of 927 x 210 mm. Each image must be named with the name of the jeweler and the title of the piece (eg: isabelruiz-mutacionmandala.jpg). The maximum dimensions for this category are: 50 cm (height) x 50 cm (width) x 50 cm (depth). For shipment from abroad the maximum weight of the pieces is 1.5 kg.

-OTHER FORMATS: For each piece you must send 2 to 5 pictures that allow us to have an idea of the proposal. The images must be in jpeg format, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and CMYK color mode. Each image must have a minimum size of 180 x 240 mm or a maximum of 927 x 210 mm. Each image must be named with the name of the artist and the title of the piece (eg: isabelruiz-mutacionmandala.jpg). The maximum dimensions for this category are: 100 cm (height) x 100 cm (width) x 100 cm (depth). For shipment from abroad the maximum weight of the pieces is 1.5 kg.

The images must be sent to the e-mail entitling the subject of the message DE LA MANO II

The pieces exhibited will be the ones sent to us in these photographs

  1. To participate you must send us an email containing the technical sheet for each proposal (information regarding the category of postulation, format, year of creation, materials, dimensions, techniques, photography credits), summary CV including links to your work, short text on the relationship of the submitted proposals and concept of the exhibition, and retail price (including 50% commission for the organization)*.



Selected artists must pay the following rate:

ARTIST RESIDING IN COLOMBIA: COP $50.000 tax included, deposited or transferred to account Davivienda # 036270300027 (ahorros) on behalf of Consultorias De La Mano S.A.S.

ARTISTS OUTSIDE COLOMBIA: US $40 tax included transferred via paypal to

This amount will be used in transportation expenses and return of the pieces both within Colombia and abroad. Note that If selected for the exhibition, participants must assume the costs of the shipping to Medellín, Colombia. The organization will assume the return shipment of the artworks.


After being notified of the selection, the pieces must be sent to the following address no later than April 30, 2018:

Ana Cristina Berrio/ De La Mano
Carrera 25 B #16AA sur-180 casa 113
Mobile phone + whatsapp: +57 3166943117

The pieces must be sent VIA COURIER OR CERTIFIED MAIL, and notify us date and tracking number as soon as the shipment is made.

For shipments from other countries to Colombia we recommend FEDEX, UPS, DHL EXPRESS, TNT. Please DO NOT send the pieces from National Post Offices of your countries because they will be received by the Colombian postal services office (4-72), which, according to our experience, does not offer good tracking services or security.

All costs related to shipping of the artwork to Medellín will be at the assumed by the participant artist.

For customs purposes, the selected artwork must be shipped labelled as: sample with no commercial value, and sent to the reception’s address.

The selected artworks must be received in Medellín, Colombia, by the 30th April 2018.

DE LA MANO will not be held responsible for any damage to the artworks during their transportation (to and from Medellín).

All selected artworks must mandatorily include appropriate instructions of assembly and correspondent hanging / suspension devices.

DE LA MANO is responsible for taking the proper insurance while the artwork is in the Organizer’s possession (during the period of hosting and exhibition).


The setting up of the artworks (except those that involve very specific or specialized tools or technologies).

  1. Dissemination on Colombian and International media of information about the artworks, participants and the event.
  2. Publication of a catalogue (ESP / EN) and the offer of an exemplar to each selected participant.
  3. Safe handling of the artworks, including: unpacking and installation, safekeeping of the exhibition, packing and return shipment.
  4. Any situation or condition not mentioned in the present document shall be resolved by the Organization.


The commission for sale will be 50% on the final price.

For the payment of the pieces sold, the money can be deposited to a bank account or credited to a Paypal account (the cost of the transaction will be deducted).


The artists authorize the organizers of Second International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewelry DE LA MANO II, to make use of the images in the press, media, digital publications and catalogs for the purpose of dissemination.

The photographic and videographic records of the artworks will become part of the image archive of DE LA MANO.


March 20, 2018. Deadline for submitting form and proposals.
March 25, 2018. The results will be published and selected artists will be notified via email by the organizers.
April 30, 2018. Deadline to the shipping of the selected artworks to Medellín, Colombia.
— Exhibition period.
30 January, 2019. Deadline for the return of the artworks.

The dates can be modified by the Juan del Corral and MAJA museums. We will be notifying the participants in case of changes.